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Social Security Disability

The orthopedist treating our client was unable to make a diagnosis. When she came to see Attorney Seaton, based upon her symptoms, Attorney Seaton recommended that she see a neurologist who diagnosed multiple sclerosis resulting in benefits being awarded at the social security hearing.

Our client was denied benefits at the appeal level where he was represented by another attorney. When he retained our office a new application was filed and our client was awarded benefits.

Our client was in his 40’s when he sought our help. Attorney Seaton successfully argued that the client’s disability began when he was 18 resulting in double the benefits that he would have received otherwise.

Our client was finally awarded benefits after 9 years, 3 hearings and 3 appeals, including an appeal to the Federal District Court.

Workers' Compensation

Our client worked for a large corporation for 30 years but when he was injured on the job, the company denied his claim. Following a contentious hearing on his eligibility for compensation, the client was awarded medical and weekly cash benefits. In addition, the case settled for a lump sum of $163,000.00.

Our client was injured while working for a roofing company. The insurance carrier denied the claim, but we were able to obtain weekly cash and medical benefits for the client and an additional lump sum of $55,000.

Following an injury to his ankle while on the job, our client was awarded medical and weekly cash benefits as well as a lump sum settlement of $50,000.

Accident & Injury

Auto Accident at an Intersection: Our client was hit by another vehicle when the driver failed to yield to our client. The insurance carrier actually settled the claim with the driver who hit our client, then closed the case. After filing suit, our office was able to recover maximum policy limits allowed.

Automobile Accident: Our client suffered a closed head injury as a result of the accident where she was a passenger. Case settled for maximum policy limits allowed.

Automobile Accident: Our client had two unrelated injury cases. After being turned down by 3 other law firms all specializing in accident and injury law, client came to us and Attorney Seaton settled both cases to her satisfaction.

Automobile accident: Our client was injured as a passenger in a vehicle involved in an accident. Case settled for $200,000.00

Automobile Accident: Our client was injured in an automobile accident. The insurance carrier, arguing that our client suffered only soft tissue injuries, made a very low offer. After extensive negotiations, case settled for significantly more at $80,000.

Motorcycle accident: The city negligently failed to warn motorists of changed conditions in a road where the pavement tuned into gravel around a blind curve. Our client, riding his motorcycle, was unable to see the gravel until it was too late and was injured in the resulting accident. Even though the city has immunity from law suits, Attorney Seaton was able to recover money to pay the client’s medical bills with a large amount left over for him personally.

Dangerous Conditions on Property (also called Premises Liability): Our client fell and was injured when a large national fast food chain failed to adequately salt and sand its icy parking lot. The insurance carrier initially denied the claim, stating first that the client’s injuries were his fault which was disproved by Attorney Seaton and then, secondly, that the client’s injuries were all due to a fall. After filing suit, the case settled for $55,000.

Dangerous Conditions on Property (Premises Liability): A large and heavy door left over from recent construction was leaning on a wall in a medical office building. When our client was leaving the building, she mistakenly thought that it was an exit door which fell on her when she tried to open it. The case settled after filing suit and our client was pleased with the result.

Dangerous Conditions on Property (Premises liability): Our client was one of several guests at a party. He was injured when he stepped outside onto the balcony and the balcony collapsed. The insurance company denied liability, but our office was able to recover compensation for our client.

Dangerous Conditions on Property (Premises Liability): Our client fell as she was exiting from an apartment due to a poorly designed and constructed stairwell. The insurance company denied the claim, arguing that the stairwell met the code requirements and that the client was not paying attention as she was leaving the apartment. Suit was filed and the case settled to the satisfaction of our client.

Patron accident: Our client was a customer in a store when a vehicle crashed through the plate glass window causing injuries. Case settled for the maximum policy limits allowed.

Slip and Fall: Our client was injured when she fell on ice as she tried to enter her car in a commercial parking lot. The insurance carrier claimed that she was at fault and denied the claim. Attorney Seaton filed suit and the case settled for $85,000.

Criminal Law

Drugs: Attorney Lohr has represented hundreds of clients in cases involving illegal drugs such as Acts Prohibited, Conspiracy, Accomplice Liability, Sale of a Controlled Drug(s), and Possession of Drug(s). These cases resulted in no conviction; others were significantly reduced to a misdemeanor or a violation.

Conspiracy to Sell Drugs (Cocaine): Eighteen year old college student was charged with several counts of Conspiracy to Sell Drugs (Cocaine). The case was scheduled for trial, but Attorney Lohr successfully diverted the case resulting in no convictions for the client.

Conspiracy to Sell Drugs (Cocaine): Eighteen year old student at UNH charged with felony level Conspiracy to Sell Drugs (cocaine). Through legal maneuvering and negotiation, the case was dropped preventing a criminal record.

Possession of a Controlled Drug: Our l7 year old college bound client was charged with Possession of a Controlled Drug, a misdemeanor, when he was caught smoking pot while camping with friends. A conviction would have caused the client to lose his full scholarship. Attorney Lohr persuaded the prosecutor to drop the case, and our client avoided having a conviction and was able to use his scholarship.

Possession of Drugs with Intent to Sell: The police discovered a “grow factory” of marijuana inside our client’s apartment. The prosecution was seeking a sentence of 1 ½ to 3 years in state prison. Based on Attorney Lohr’s motion, the judge ordered illegally obtained drug evidence suppressed forcing the state to drop the charges resulting in no conviction for our client.

DWI/DUI: Our client was driving a friend’s car when she was stopped by the police. Because the owner/ friend’s license was suspended the police wrongly assumed the owner was driving illegally. The DWI was dropped.

DWI, 2nd Offense: Our client was charged with DWI, 2nd offense. Attorney Lohr successfully negotiated the case to a violation level Reckless Conduct. An example of a violation is the common speeding ticket.

Operating after Habitual Offender Certification Multiple cases of Operating after Habitual Offender Certification have been reduced from a felony which carried a minimum mandatory jail sentence to a misdemeanor with no jail time for our clients.

Second Degree Assault: Our client, a student, was charged with assaulting a UNH student with a knife. Attorney Lohr successfully negotiated the 2nd Degree Assault to a misdemeanor Simple Assault with no jail time for our client.

Second Degree Assault: The State indicted our client along with two other young men, all involved in a Friday night fight. Our investigation established that, although present at the fight, our client did not participate. Two days into the jury trial the State dropped our client’s case, but two of the defendants were found guilty.

Aggravated Felonious Sexual Assault: “Not guilty” was the verdict for our innocent client following a jury trial for Aggravated Felonious Sexual Assault.

Aggravated Felonious Sexual Assault: An Aggravated Felonious Sexual Assault was dropped before indictment by the State due to investigation by Seaton & Lohr showing that our client had been falsely accused.

Aggravated Felonious Sexual Assault: Client was charged with Aggravated Felonious Sexual Assault. In a motion hearing Attorney Lohr successfully argued that certain evidence was untrustworthy and false; the case was dropped by the prosecutor two weeks before trial.

Rape: A rape case was found to be false when Attorney Lohr discovered a witness who was overlooked by the state. The case was dropped before indictment.

Burglaries: Multiple felony level burglaries reduced to misdemeanor trespass and/or theft with no jail time.

Embezzlement. Long after she had been convicted, the client came to our office owing thousands of dollars in unpaid restitution even though she made regular payments while on probation. The attorneys at Seaton & Lohr were able to terminate probation and have the case go to civil collection for the restitution. The restitution was then completely discharged by the Bankruptcy Court due to a “loophole” in the law which existed at that time. The “loophole” was later closed by act of Congress.

Issuing a Bad Check: In a complicated case involving both Bankruptcy and Criminal law, our client was charged with two felony counts of Issuing a Bad Check after business reversals in the 2008 recession. First, thousands of dollars of debt was successfully discharged in Bankruptcy Court by Attorney Seaton and secondly, Attorney Lohr successfully got the felonies dropped, saving our client the possibility of felony convictions and significant jail or prison time as well as thousands of dollars of potential restitution.

Welfare Fraud: Attorney Lohr persuaded the County Attorney to drop a felony Welfare Fraud case against her client.

Endangering the Welfare of a Child. In a high profile case, our client was charged with leaving her children home alone and without adult supervision. A thorough investigation revealed a key overlooked witness and we proved that the accusations were completely false and that the charges had been manufactured by an ex-boyfriend. The verdict was “not guilty” following trial.

Murder: Attorney Lohr successfully appealed a murder case resulting in the conviction being overturned.

Unlawful Interference with a Fire Alarm: Attorney Lohr argued to the prosecutor the weaknesses of the State’s case where her client, a college student, was charged with a felony Unlawful Interference with a Fire Alarm. The case was dropped three days before jury selection and trial.

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