Dangerous Conditions of Property (Premises Liability)

Owners of land and buildings have a duty to the public to keep their property reasonably free of dangerous conditions that can cause injury to members of the public. When conditions exist on the property that a landlord should reasonably have known about and this condition causes injury then the landlord is presumed to have been careless or negligent in the management and oversight of his property. He has violated his legal duty to the public.

Although this duty is a long established principle under the law, an individual who has been injured due to faulty and hazardous conditions on property will need a lawyer experienced in the law of premises liability in order to financially recover for her or his injuries. The attorney at Seaton and Lohr are knowledgeable and experienced in the area of premises liability.

Most people who own property, whether it is land, a home or house, an apartment building or other building, a mobile home or mobile home park have insurance to protect them if there is an accident or injury on their property. In the event of an injury or accident on the property the owner notifies his or her insurance company as soon as possible. Once notified, the insurance company who is acting for the property owner immediately goes into action to investigate and urge the injured victim who does not have an attorney to settle the case quickly. The insurance company puts all of its vast experience to work to obtain the lowest settlement possible against the unfortunate victim. Such quick settlements are often far below what the individual should receive and would receive if he or she had been represented by an attorney.

Premises liability cases have involved poorly lighted common areas such as hallways or entry ways in apartment or condominium buildings. Inadequate lighting caused by burned out light bulbs in an apartment hallway caused serious injury to some of our clients at Seaton and Lohr. Poor lighting can lead to the inability to see steps, or doorways and cause harm to an individual. Poor lighting whether in a building or a parking lot has been a factor in criminal activity; in the shelter of darkness a person can act with criminal intent against an unsuspecting public.

Seaton and Lohr has successfully achieved excellent results against property owners of apartment buildings, stores and large national food chains who failed to adequately sand and salt their parking lots in icy or snowy weather when such negligence resulted in serious injury.

Other examples of cases handled by Seaton and Lohr include collapsed balconies at apartment and condominium complexes leading to serious injury to our clients, work tools and construction equipment carelessly left in common areas from recent or continuing construction/ renovation which caused injury to members of the public entering the building.

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