We proudly represent the people and families of New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts and have done so for over 35 years.


Dedication to our clients and to a standard of excellence is the essence of who we are and what we do.


Seaton & Lohr’s mission is to achieve benefits for those suffering from disability, compensation for those injured at work, and people who are disabled or injured in an accident caused by the careless actions of others. We fight for our clients to prevent insurance companies, corporations, businesses, state and government entities from taking unfair advantage of those of you who may be injured or disabled, suffering financial loss or charged with a crime.

Seaton & Lohr is dedicated to easing the emotional, physical, and financial suffering of our clients by achieving the best result possible in each and every case. There is no more important case than yours or that of someone you love.


I have over 35 years of experience in Social Security Disability, Workers’ Compensation, Accident And Injury and Bankruptcy.

If you are disabled and have been denied social security benefits that you earned through your work, we will appeal your claim. If you have been injured at work we seek compensation and medical benefits for you. If you are facing a financial crisis from a loss of a job, hospitalization, illness, or divorce we steer you to the safe harbor of bankruptcy protection. If you are arrested and charged with a crime we defend your rights. At Seaton & Lohr we focus on you.


It is important for you to meet us and for us to meet you. At our law firm you can count on one-on-one service from experienced Dover personal injury attorney. We are not an assembly line law firm, a chain or a lawyer referral service that, without meeting you, churns out personal injury, social security disability and workers’ compensation cases. We are committed to personalized one-on-one representation.

All of our experience goes into achieving the compensation and benefits you deserve and protecting your rights. We are proud of our well-respected reputation among our clients, the courts and the legal community. We achieve our excellent results through hard work, savvy know how, and we do so with integrity and honesty. We are proud of our accomplishments and our Dover personal injury lawyer frequently receive referrals from our clients, past and present, and from other lawyers as well.

Ours is a privileged profession helping people to solve their problems and continue with their lives. We earn and value the trust of our clients every day that we are in practice.

We are proud participants in the National Education Association (NEA) Attorney Referral Program.

We want to meet you and we believe it is important for you to meet us face-to-face to be sure that we are the best lawyers for you.

Our office is conveniently located at 53 Silver Street in Dover, NH, off of exit 8E, on the Spaulding Turnpike.

We look forward to serving you.

Over 35 Years Experience

I highly recommend Mr. Michael Seaton as a Social Security Disability claim lawyer. I was very happy with his thoroughness and pleasant manner. It was a very pleasant experience. He is precise, careful, and knowledgeable...

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